Fix Kubernetes problems, faster.

The simplest, yet most powerful way to troubleshoot Kubernetes

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Introducing Infra

Infra is a delightful app for managing your Kubernetes applications.
No more manual web or command line refreshes.

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Desktop App

Kubernetes made easy. Infra is a beautiful, delightful Desktop app.

Lightning-Fast & Real-time

Always up to date. Infra instantly notifies you when there's a new problem with your cluster or its workloads.

Secure by default

Connect directly to your Kubernetes cluster from your Desktop. No cluster data is sent to Infra.


Detect important issues in your Kubernetes workloads faster

Troubleshoot at a glance without typing multiple kubectl commands and without needing to remember resource names.


The easiest & fastest log viewer ever made for Kubernetes

Stream, filter and search logs in real time. No more logging into slow, frustrating log dashboards.


All your workloads in one place

No more manual refreshes through web dashboards or via the command line. Infra always keeps the status of your clusters up-to-date.

Instantly view errors by scheduling notifications on your desktop.


All Kubernetes supported

No agents. No setup. No cluster resources required.

Infra connects automatically to any Kubernetes cluster you have access to.