Fix Kubernetes problems, faster.

Introducing the simplest, yet most powerful way to troubleshoot Kubernetes apps.

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Powerful Features

For whether you’re new to Kubernetes or a total pro.

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All your workload's information, in one place.

No more manual refreshes through web dashboards or via the command line. Infra always keeps the status of your workloads and their resources up-to-date.

Any Kubernetes Supported

No Agents. No Setup. No cluster resources required.

Infra connects automatically to any Kubernetes cluster you already have access to.

Kubernetes User? You'll love Infra.

Infra is built ground-up for modern engineering & IT teams to be fast, secure and extremely easy to use.


Infra requires no agent, setup or configuration of your Kubernetes cluster.


Infra is always up to date with your cluster and workload data.


Connect directly to your Kubernetes cluster from your Desktop. No cluster data is sent to Infra.


Kubernetes made easy. Infra is a beautiful, delightful Desktop app.


Infra connects to any standard Kubernetes cluster.


Carefully desigend and crafted for both Kubernetes beginners and professionals.